Circuit of the Americas: Austin, Houston and San Antonio

November 15, 2014


Formula 1 brought Ginger Spice to Allen’s Boots in Austin (photo not shown, well because, balls to ask for photo were not packed in carry-on, weight restrictions and everything else). A job interview brought me. But that’s not actually why I’m bootin’ and scootin’. To have had my very first cowboy boot experience has me […]

Love List: Thanksgiving

October 9, 2014


I love waking up in a fort. Built by nephews on tippy-toes, on early, early mornings before the sun’s even awake. I love spray-painted woodland creatures… …tree trunks that look just like front paws… …double-parked geese who wait patiently for me to find and zoom my camera phone that’s never in either one of my […]

Dear White People

June 20, 2014


Dear White People might be the third time. The first time, I cried, and in a theatre too! Big tears, big bawling tears too close to the screen because there was nowhere else to sit in an almost sold out showing of the John Travolta movie, Phenomenon. He bites into that apple with Kyra Sedgewick’s […]


June 10, 2014


Beyoncé’s drunk in love with a real person, whatever works. I’m married to dark chocolate covered almonds and I’ve been snacking, I’ve been snacking. Can’t keep my fingers off them, I want it annulled. Woke up on the bathroom scale crying, How the hell did this shit happen, oh food baby!? So, it’s on the […]

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The Vulnerable (Sector Search)

June 9, 2014


You need this if you’re working with kids in Canada and were born before January 14, 1986. You can’t just roll up to 40 College Street (Toronto Metropolitan Police Headquarters) and get one. Not without a completed waiver from your potential employer. Even if you came with the $50 money order made out to Toronto […]

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Forty-Three (I Wanna Pole You)

June 4, 2014


It’s not a compliment. If you’re at a southern, South Korean bar and a guy comes up to you, saying that, to your face. It’s Busan. It’s a tight-knit ex-pat community down there, but still. It’s definitely not nice. It’s embarrassing if you’re there in a group of teachers from work. If that Irish colleague […]

On Reaching Forty (The Shrinking Bride)

May 30, 2014


Other acquainted years sidle with modest decorum across the scrim of toughened tears and to a stage planked with laughter boards and waxed with rueful loss But forty with the authorized brazenness of a uniformed cop stomps no-knocking into the script bumps a funky grind on the shabby curtain of youth and delays the action. […]


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